Veil Coating        NZ$215.00+GST
NOTE: This product cannot be exported due to its flammable
nature which means that it cannot be air freighted.

www.laserveil.com] was developed to complement the
performance of radar detectors
& laser jammers. 

Its so unique, it has foreign and domestic patents pending.

VEIL is a stealth coating that effectively absorbs LIDAR energy. A car so 
treated will be harder to target with laser, provide its user with more time 
to react to a detector's alert and to safely slow down while being targeted, 
thereby increasing the likelihood of avoiding a speeding ticket.

VEIL is the first truly effective passive laser countermeasure that 
reduces your chances of being ticketed with police laser (LIDAR). 
Its performance has been independently certified to perform.

VEIL is a laser absorbent stealth paint whose purpose is to hamper LIDAR's 
ability to obtain a speed reading, at a typical targeting distance of 800-1300 
feet (240m-400m). Reductions of the effective targeting range can exceed 
50% or 700 feet (210m). That equates to about 7 seconds of reaction time 
at 70mph (120kph) and about 10 seconds at 50mph (85kph), allowing those 
VEILed more time to slow down.

Click here for a video demonstrating the effect of Veil on a bike -
please note this video is intended for those with broadband as
its rather large!

As Seen by the Laser Gun (Red Area is the Laser Illumination):  
Untreated Treated with VEIL®

VEIL eliminates the components that contribute to a vehicle's overall 
visual signature by reducing NIR (near-infrared) laser light reflections. The 
treated areas will appear BLACK to the laser gun.

Even if you drive a light colored car, VEIL will decrease LIDAR's 
effective range since it "subtracts", masks, or blacks out reflective areas 
of the car (its lights and plate) from light areas of the car (its painted 
surfaces.) This is especially true with vehicles that have large front 
headlight systems such as the Dodge Intrepid, Toyota Camry, 
Ford Taurus, and most Hondas.

The product is designed to coat headlights, fog lights, running/parking 
lamps or reflective markers, and license plates.

Most good laser radar detectors will provide ample warning to a
speed laser trap, provided you have a means of safely slowing 
down while being targeted. VEIL was designed to allow for that safety 

VEIL offers similar performance to an active laser jammer. After 
witnessing the use of several active laser jammers, we have concluded 
that active laser jammers may not offer complete protection from LIDAR.
In some cases, the vehicle's speed was obtained with a LIDAR gun, 
especially when targeted from the rear. Furthermore, at least one laser 
gun manufacturer, Laser Atlanta, claims to have produced a gun that 
is capable of determining a vehicle's speed that is "cloaked" with active
laser jamming. Expect newer guns from other manufacturers to follow suit. 

Since VEIL is an optical countermeasure that reduces the amount of the 
reflected laser light, its performance is unaffected by these newer and 
more capable guns. When used in this manner, your radar laser detector 
will actually be of some value as it will no longer be just a "ticket notifier."

The following are tests conducted by www.speedzones.com
and show
how much laser energy is returned to the laser gun
before and after the
front of the car has been treated with the
Veil system.

Test #1: Light Colored Vehicle
  Headlamp Center
no plate
Center w/plate
Untreated 1227' 1259'  
Treated.................... 752' 779'  
% Reduction 39% 38%  
Test #2: Medium Colored Vehicle
  Headlamp Center
no plate
Center w/plate
Untreated 1294' 1477' 2047'
Treated.................... 550' 612' 660'
% Reduction 58% 59% 68%

Test #2: Dark Colored Vehicle
  Headlamp Center
no plate
Center w/plate
Untreated 1290' 1289' 2798'
Treated.................... 456' 616' 637'
% Reduction 65% 52% 77%