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Car & Motorbike Detector Advice

When you’re looking for a Radar Detector that you can use on both the Car and Motorbike there are a variety of issues that need to be addressed.

Primarily how can you recognise that the Detector has activated when on the Bike.

There are two solutions that are available.

1) We have the H.A.R.D. system ( Helmet Assisted Radar Detection ). This product is a two piece kit that incorporates
an FM Transmitter which connects to the Radar Detector and an LED Receiver Light for the Helmet. The H.A.R.D system is compatible with the Escort Passport Max 360, Redline EX , Escort IX, Beltronics RX65, Beltronics Magnum, Beltronics V985, Beltronics V940 and the Valentine One. When the detector activates the light starts flashing inside your Helmet.

2) If you have an Intercom or are intending to purchase an Intercom you can select your Detector of choice so long as it it has an Audio Out 3.5mm Jack Point. ( This discounts the Valentine One ) All the Escort and Beltronics models and some of the Uniden Units have Jack points. To covert the Audio sound to a Blue tooth signal you will require a BT Hub like the SENA SR10. This product is cable connected to the Radar Detector and then pairs to the Intercom so that you can hear the Audio Signals coming from the Radar Detector.

The Second consideration is weather proofing. The Only Detectors that are designed to operate in the weather is the Adaptive TPX this is a Heavily Weather Resistant Radar Detector. All other Car Detectors will need a Cover of some sort to protect the product.

Thirdly you need to consider Mounting Options for your Bike. We carry an extensive range of Mounts from both Tech-Mount and Adaptiv Technologies.

Everything you need can be sourced from our website :