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    Glowrider Jacket

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    Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery hidden in the sleeve, the EL panels will glow for 10+ hours on a full charge. So you can ride all night and still be seen.

    Like other jackets, the GlowRider™ has passive reflective material on the jacket. But reflective material only works when a light is shone directly on it. Not so good when a car is going around a turn, or you’re in a vehicle’s blind spot. The active EL panels of the GlowRider™ jacket enhance your visibility regardless of whether any light is shining on you.


    Aside from lighting up, the GlowRider™ is also an awesome all-season jacket. When it’s cold, use the zip-out quilt liner to keep you warm. When it’s hot, remove the liner and open up the strategically placed air vent zippers. When it’s wet, the waterproof outer shell will keep you dry. When you eat too much, the adjustable waist straps and sleeve snaps will accommodate. When the ride gets long, the micro-fiber collar and cuffs will keep you comfortable. When you get lost, the map or smartphone you placed in the clear wrist pocket will get you to your destination. When you head to the track, the pant zipper will allow you to zip up and the CE armor will be there to protect you. And when you’re out on a date, the GlowRider™ jacket will make you more attractive.