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    GlowRider™ Vest’s hi-viz color will make you stand out during the day, and the patent pending Electro-Luminescent (EL) technology will make you stand out at night.

    Powered by an AA battery pack, the EL panels will glow for 70+ hours in flashing or constant-on modes.

    Like all good apparel, the GlowRider™ Vest has passive reflective material throughout. But reflective material only works when a light is shone directly on it. Not so good when a car is going around a turn or when you are in a vehicle’s blind spot. The active EL panels of the GlowRider™ Vest enhance your visibility regardless of whether any light is shining on you. In addition, the EL panels are lightweight, thin, flexible, low power, and cool to the touch. And since the panels emit a soft, surface illumination (as opposed to LEDs which emit a point source of light), the viewing angles are much wider and they do not destroy or impair night vision.

    The GlowRider™ Vest is ruggedly built yet lightweight. Its mesh outer shell allows maximum air flow to keep you cool. Two clear chest pockets, two side pockets, and an inner pocket will hold your important things.

    Not only will the GlowRider™ Vest make you more visible on a motorcycle, it will also make you more visible on a bicycle, walking the dog, hiking, trick or treating, boating, clubbing, playing the piano, or where ever else you feel the need to be more visible. And just like our GlowRider™ Jacket, the GlowRider™ Vest will also make you significantly more attractive.