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  • Auto off – the H.A.R.D. System (V5) receiver shuts itself off automatically after a set amount of time (four hours of use).  Before shutting itself down, the receiver will flash to notify rider of shut down.  If the rider wants to keep the receiver on, simply touch the on / off switch and the four hour timer starts over.
  • Weather Proof – the latest H.A.R.D. System receiver had a waterproof design. The new system has both the receiver and transmitter designed to operate in adverse conditions.
  • Standard Battery – the H.A.R.D. System V5 will utilize a standard, off the shelf battery that will provide a cost effective power source.
    (The Replacement Battery CR2450 is available to buy off our website as well)
  • Compatible with the Leading Radar Detectors – The H.A.R.D. System V5 will be compatible with the radar detectors from Adaptive, Beltronics, Escort, and Valentine 1
  • Plug-n-Play Design – the H.A.R.D. System V5 keeps the simple plug-n-play design that has made it so popular over the years.
  • Visual or Audible Alert – the H.A.R.D. System V5 offers  the rider a choice of visual or audible radar warning.


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