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    Uniden DFR7 AU/NZ Model

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    Key Features

    GPS Built-In

    Redflex Digital Speed Camera Detection

    Pre-installed with NZ Speed Camera/Red Light Camera Database

    360° Laser/L2/L3 Detection

    X, K, Ka SuperWideband Detection

    Advanced K Band Filter locks out interference from radar based cruise controls such as Distronics systems.

    ALL Band On/Off Selection

    Band segmentation of the K and Ka SWB

    OLED – Easy to read OLED display options; Frequency, Current Speed, Clock Battery Voltage, Compass, Altitude

    Quite Ride – Mutes alert below your set speed

    Anti-falsing GPS Auto Mute Remembers and automatically mutes false alerts

    Store up to 200 User Mark locations – log school zones, police checkpoints etc

    Ultra Clear Voice Alert

    8-Point Electronic Compass

    VG2 Undetectable

    Signal Strength Meter/Mute/Dim

    City/Highway Modes

    MAX Speed Warning System

    Firmware updatable

    Ear Phone Jack for Motorcycle

    12V DC Cig Lead Adaptor

    Suction Mount

    Carrying Case


    Included Accessories

    FR7-NZ Radar Detector

    Storage Case

    Coiled 12V DC Power Cord with RJ45 Connector

    Windshield Mounting Bracket

    Hook and Loop fastener tape

    Spare fuse for DC Power Cord

    P O W E R   R E Q U I R E M E N T S

    12VDC, Negative Ground

    O P E R A T I N G   B A N D S

    • X-band: 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz (Off for NZ)
    • K-band: 23.950 GHz to 24.250GHz (NZ Speed Camera Specification)
    • Ka-Super Wideband: 33.400 GHz to 36.110Ghz
    • Ka-Narrowband 10 Segment International Options
    • Laser: 904nm, 33MHz bandwidth

    K – B A N D   S E G M E N T   F R E Q U E N C I E S

    • K1 – 23.950 – 24.110GHz
    • K2 – 24.110 – 24.250GHz

    S U P E R W I D E   K A   B A N D   S E G M E N T E D   F R E Q U E N C I E S :

    • Ka1 – 33.392 – 33.704GHz
    • Ka2 – 33.704 – 33.896GHz
    • Ka3 – 33.886 – 34.198GHz
    • Ka4 – 34.186 – 34.592Ghz
    • Ka5 – 34.592 – 34.808GHz
    • Ka6 – 34.806 – 35.166GHz
    • Ka7 – 35.143 – 35.383GHz
    • Ka8 – 35.378 – 35.618GHz
    • Ka9 – 35.595 – 35.835GHz
    • Ka10 – 35.830 – 35.998GHz

    D I S P L A Y   T Y P E

    • Dot matrix display
    • Bar Graph, Frequency Display
    • 3 levels of fixed brightness including full Dark

    D I M E N S I O N S

    30mm (H) x 84mm (W) x 115mm (L)

    Out of the Box the Uniden FR7-NZ has factory presets. Here at Radar Direct we reprogram the unit so you get the maximum benefit and performance from the product. Adding to that we pre-test all the units against our radar and laser gear to make sure what you walk out with, is working 100%. No other reseller in NZ can offer this service nor do they have the 20 years of technical expertise that our Company has.