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    Uniden R7 AU/NZ Model

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    5.00 out of 5



    Key Features

    • Uniden R3-like performance with dual horns and directional arrows
    • Uniden provides advanced digital signal processing (DSP)
    • Dedicated New Zealand software
    • Extreme sensitivity, highest ever from Uniden
    • GPS with red light and speed camera alerts
    • Free GPS database updates downloadable from Uniden
    • BSM filter to filter out falses of K-band CAS systems
    • Quiet Ride – User set speed auto mute
    • Updatable via USB connection to PC
    • Uniden offers a large, bright, and very readable full color OLED display
    • Multi-function display includes voltage, compass, altimeter, time of day
    • K false filter
    • K Narrow/Wide
    • KA false filter
    • Ka Narrow/Wide
    • Detects MultaRadar (MRCD/MRCT) sources well
    • Cigarette adapter with MUTE KEY and USB JACK
    • Carrying pouch
    • Carrying case

    The R7 has slightly better sensitivity than the single antenna Uniden R3.

    Included Accessories

    • R7 radar detector
    • Single cup and dual suction cup windshield mounting brackets
    • 12V cigarette power adapter with USB port and mute button
    • Micro USB cable (for firmware updates)
    • Neoprene pouch
    • Carrying case
    • User guide

    P O W E R   R E Q U I R E M E N T S

    12VDC, Negative Ground

    O P E R A T I N G   B A N D S

    • X-band: 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz (Off for NZ)
    • K-band: 23.900 GHz to 24.250GHz (NZ Speed Camera Specification)
    • Ka-Super Wideband: 33.400 GHz to 36.110Ghz
    • Ka-Narrowband 10 Segment International Options
    • Laser: 904nm, 33MHz bandwidth

    K – B A N D   S E G M E N T   F R E Q U E N C I E S

    • K1 – 23.900 – 24.110GHz
    • K2 – 24.110 – 24.250GHz

    S U P E R W I D E   K A   B A N D   S E G M E N T E D   F R E Q U E N C I E S :

    • Ka1 – 33.392 – 33.704GHz
    • Ka2 – 33.704 – 33.896GHz
    • Ka3 – 33.886 – 34.198GHz
    • Ka4 – 34.186 – 34.592Ghz
    • Ka5 – 34.592 – 34.808GHz
    • Ka6 – 34.806 – 35.166GHz
    • Ka7 – 35.143 – 35.383GHz
    • Ka8 – 35.378 – 35.618GHz
    • Ka9 – 35.595 – 35.835GHz
    • Ka10 – 35.830 – 35.998GHz

    D I S P L A Y   T Y P E

    • Dot matrix display
    • Bar Graph, Frequency Display
    • 3 levels of fixed brightness including full Dark

    D I M E N S I O N S

    30mm (H) x 84mm (W) x 115mm (L)

    Out of the Box the Uniden R7-NZ has factory presets. Here at Radar Direct we reprogram the unit so you get the maximum benefit and performance from the product. Adding to that we pre-test all the units against our radar and laser gear to make sure what you walk out with, is working 100%. No other reseller in NZ can offer this service nor do they have the 20 years of technical expertise that our Company has.

    Video supplied courtesy of one of our NZ Customers who was the first to receive the Official NZ Version of the R7 in May 2019